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Paxos benefits from a mild Mediterranean climate, thus the  season to visit it goes from April to October. 

In April-May, temperatures are a comfortable 19°C on average. The weather starts to warm up around mid-June and, with a peak in August when the mercury can soar up to 35°C. Late August-beginning of september is the best option for those which want to enjoy the best sea temperature and a cool weather.

April: it is the real start of the Spring, with the days starting to be longer and colder. The island seems to wake up after the winter stop. The shops and restaurants begin to open and the inhabitants are in frenzy to prepare for the start of the new season. During Easter, the island comes alive with locals and tourists giving traditional festivals.

May: In the middle of May it officially starts the holiday season in Paxos. All the shops and restaurants are opened and the Villas start to be occupied from occasional tursists  or English and Italian families that spend the spring-summer seasons in this paradise. The weather is fresh, but there are still some rainy days and the sea is still cold. This is the best period for those who love to walk and discover all the hidden secrets of the island nature or for those who want to fully enjoy the colors and fragrances of the spring.

June: June, like September, is one of our favourite month to visit Paxos. Temperatures are in the mid-20s and the evenings hold the warmth of the day making confortable to have a dinner out of the tavernas. The sea is swimmable and the beaches still relatively underpopulated. 

July: Paxos now is in real summer mode! Tourists arrive in large numbers to enjoy all the natural beauties as well as the  evening events that animate the streets and the main meeting sites of the Island. In this month there are many concerts and music festivals. The raining days are quite abstent and the sky, clean of clouds, offers one of the best star shows with a clear Milky Way visible expecially in the places far from the main ports, due to the very low light pollution particulates in these island areas.

August:  One of the main characteristic that make of Paxos a beautyful paradise is that even in the busiest months of July and August, it is possible to find a quiet beach were to relax and to enjoy the tranquility  of the nature.  This is the best season to swim into the warm sea and to go around the island with an hired boat. The nightlife of Paxos is this month offers bars full of people and a good way to wait for the sunrise in the only one disco of the Island, in Gaios.

September:  This is a great month to visit Paxos. Most families goes back home and the streets and places start ot be underpopulated. The weather is still warm and the sea temperature is the best of the summer. There might be a little rain but the smell of wet ground of the fields of olive trees and the sunlight weaker offer an amazing sensory experience.

October:  The summer season is finally closed. The bars and taverns begin to close and prepare for the coming winter. The daily weather is good and the sea is still swimmable, but evenings start to fe quite fresh and some rain is to expected. It is time to discover the true life of Paxos, with school opened and inhabitants preparing for the olive harvest. Some of them also depart for their well-deserved holiday. Then will return back at Christmas or in late Jenuary, will rest a bit, and... once again, it is a new year!

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