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The idilliac island of Paxos could represents the perfect scenario for your special day! We are specialised in the organization of customised events ranging from corporate to weddings to lifestyle events, providing a unique service in management with an emphasis on detail, quality & creativity.  Our team of Greek, Italian, English and Spanish speaking assistants will help you organizing all the details and to transform the always dreamed event into reality with enthusiasm and experience. 

We offer a free support to find the best accommodation, to organise the trip and to plan and book the best transfers to and from Paxos Island for all your guests.

Sposa con fiori nei capelli
Wedding Band Fase
Wedding Tropical
Tabella di nozze
Bridesmaid's Bouquets and Wedding Rings
Outdoor Wedding Band
Grooms Bow Tie and Corsage
Forever and Ever
Fairytale Wedding
Modern Wedding
Donna con il mazzo
Sposa e Sposo Abbraccio
Wedding Day
Wedding Day
Grungy Bride and Groom
Danza Wedding
Wedding Bouquet
Sposa e sposo sulla spiaggia
Coppia su Wedding Day
Signora Sposa, signor Groom
Wedding at Sunset
Tabella Luogo
Wedding Couple
Wedding Day
Tent Wedding
Matrimonio Family Photos
Hanging Dress
Beach Side Fun
Ballando Al Matrimonio
Provence Style Dinner Set


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